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Local Developer on Buying a Property

Local Developer on Buying a Property

“Building missing middle housing in Midland has been a goal of mine for 2 years. Design plans for modern sleek units sit in folders on my computer and have been collecting digital dust as they couldn’t come to fruition. How did I not know this adorable set of buildings existed 5 miles from my doorstep?”

Local real estate developer Jenifer Acosta, being well aware of the recent failure of two Midland County dams which caused extensive damage to area communities, had been looking into the impact of the flooding and how those affected were moving forward. Her research led her to check out the nearby condos.

“So what does a developer do when they find a little slice of heaven they didn’t intend to cross paths with? First and foremost, a good realtor is key. Thankfully, our realtor was able to answer many of our questions. It’s important to be able to gather all of the necessary information, but also trust the character of the source. It was clear my husband and I could trust the information we received and greatly respected the realtor’s character in how he represented the 10 sellers. Disaster causes trauma. I watched my best friend’s house burn down beside her two years ago and that may have been the easier day compared to the demo, insurance paperwork, grief, and rebuild that ensued. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind on the pain the homeowners of Westwood Village were going through.”

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